DCITY - The biggest and fanciest design mall in Israel opens to the public in the Judean desert

DCITY - Design City is the new project of Kass Group in Israel and aims to provide a solution to Jerusalemites that had no shopping complex for home design nearby. And this solution should please the most sophisticated demand. The owners' vision is to give customers a new shopping experience that includes a broad and high-quality selection of stores, as well as a food complex with bakeries, confectioneries and luxurious restaurants, along with attractions for children and a variety of surprises. They claim this new shopping experience should be like no other in Israel and could attract customers from all over the country and even from abroad.

Over one billion shekels have been invested to create "the capital of the home design shopping complexes near the capital of Israel". The complex was designed by architect Gad Halperin and covers an area of about 100,000 square meters. Besides 200 furniture and home design stores there is also an beautiful complex designed entirely for restaurants: The Piazza, built inspired by the famous Venice Hotel in Las Vegas.

The mall will feature all the big brands, including international ones still not present anywhere else in Israel.

Source: https://d-city.co.il/

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