Eco-tourism jewels in the Arava desert, Negev, Israel

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Art Center with cooling tower - Kibbutz Neot Semadar

Kibbutz Neot Semadar, a kibbutz founded by Jerusalemites who decided to start a new way of life connected to making their means of living with the produce of the Land. Along with the group were many artists and together they built a creative community that produces organic products and creates art in wood, pottery, stain glass, metal and more. All displayed in the Art Center, an unique looking building designed and built by themselves.

13 km further southeast is Kibbutz Lotan, a community that offers eco-workshops and courses on organic farming, permaculture (development of agriculture ecosystems aiming sustainability and self-sufficiency) and mud building.

We were delighted to savor a delicious meal carefully prepared by the Tea House Chef with fresh organic produce harvested from his own garden.

These are places worth visiting again and again whenever comes that urging to escape from stress of daily routine and reconnect to nature. Recharge your body and get a boost of health!

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